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Clubs play a crucial role in supporting youth athletes, helping them unlock their full potential in training and competition. But it is equally important to pay attention to their mental wellbeing, especially in younger athletes, who are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues.

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Fitmind is the perfect solution for clubs and coaches who want to be proactive in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their young athletes. Through data gathered and shared, coaches can keep track of athlete wellbeing and offer guidance if needed. Regular reports give a holistic overview of individuals and teams, allowing coaches to tailor their training programs to maximise their athletes’ performance.

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Fitmind’s AI-powered wellbeing coach offers 24/7 support in an anonymous and safe environment. The virtual coach guides athletes through scientifically backed strategies for managing difficult thoughts and feelings so they can perform at their absolute best.


Using games and interactive challenges, Fitmind motivates athletes to develop their emotional intelligence and nurture their wellbeing. Athletes complete challenges to help them build their mental strength, and in turn get real life rewards.


Athletes can track their mental and physical wellbeing through daily check-ins. This builds an overall picture of their mental health over time so they can get targeted support whenever necessary.


Coaches can view daily reports highlighting athletes’ wellbeing and needs so they can tailor their training sessions for optimum results, and offer support when needed.

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