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Kas Taleb
Co-founder & CEO
Ahmad Taleb
Co-founder & CMO
Becca Beedham
Operations Manager
Daniel Dymond
Sports Psychologist
Matt Camenzuli
Sound Murthy
Product Manager
Louise Heta
Sports Dietitian
Sureiyan Hamond
Content Developer
Yulija Ilievska
Digital Designer
Dr Kirsten Peterson

Our story

I’m Kas Taleb and I started Fitmind with my son Ahmad, an aspiring young soccer player, with personal experience of the challenges faced by many young athletes today. Having seen firsthand the pressures youth athletes deal with and the struggles of getting the right support, we saw an urgent need to approach mental health in sport differently.
Together, we created Fitmind, to focus on building mental fitness from the start, rather than alleviating mental illness once it has developed. With a team of professionals behind us, including sports psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians and coaches, our app uses innovative technology to offer proven techniques that are fun, simple and effective.

Our vision

To create a generation of happier, well balanced and more resilient athletes.

Our mission

To equip every youth athlete with the tools they need to achieve their best in performance.

Our values

When it comes to mental illness, we believe investing in prevention and education is crucial. We strive to create a space for youth athletes to be able to reach out and seek support, without the fear of stigma. Through educating a generation of youth athletes in mental health literacy we hope to teach them the skills they need to cope with the unique challenges that come with performing sport at a high level.


We use only research-backed strategies and techniques supported by sports psychologists.


We’re dedicated to helping youth athletes with the unique and very specific set of challenges they face every day.


We understand that mental health in sport needs to be approached differently. That’s why we are focused on using innovative technology to build a foundation of inner strength and resilience to safeguard youth athletes.


We believe prevention is the way forward. We don’t believe in waiting until there’s a problem to react. By taking a proactive approach to wellness, we’re aiming to minimise the likelihood of mental illness in later life.


We want to break down stigma around mental health in sport. We aim to create a supportive, non-judgemental space where youth athletes can feel safe.


We believe in strength in numbers. Whether you're a parent, athlete or psychologist and you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you.

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