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Take your performance to the next level with personalised mental training and support from your AI-powered wellbeing coach.
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Invest in your mental fitness like you do your physical fitness. Fitmind builds inner strength and equips you with the mental training tools to tackle any challenges you face head on.

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How it works

A virtual shoulder to lean on

Pressure to perform been weighing you down? Need tips on overcoming setbacks? Whatever it may be, your virtual wellbeing coach is there for you, whenever and wherever you need it.

Challenge your mind

Strengthen your mental muscles with fun and interactive challenges. With more than 20 new challenges added every week, you'll be sure to improve your performance in and out of the sporting arena.

Take charge of your wellbeing

Keep track of all aspects of your daily wellness with history and progress at your fingertips.

Celebrate your achievements

Earn coins for reaching milestones and completing challenges, then redeem for real life rewards. The more challenges you do, the more rewards to earn.

Perform your best with Fitmind

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Fitmind for sports clubs

Make health and wellbeing a priority in your athletes’ performance

Fitmind is a proactive way to give your athletes a solid foundation of enhanced wellbeing and resilience, allowing them to consistently perform at their best. Monitor aspects of both physical and emotional wellbeing to tailor training to individual needs for optimum performance.  

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Fitmind for athletes

Train your mind, the same way you do your body

To reach your full sporting potential, mental fitness is crucial. Workout your mental muscles with challenges and wellbeing coaching, so that you can achieve more, both on and off the field. Backed by science and powered by artificial intelligence, Fitmind is here to help you smash your goals.

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